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Ladies Ministry - Mothers Union

Mission and Vision Statement: To promote the well-being of families worldwide as a Christian organization and in the individual country.


It is a world-wide Anglican organisation which is concerned with all aspects of Christian family life. The purpose of it being specially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian life.

Mothers Union History

The Mother’s Union was founded in 1876 by an English woman, Mary Sumner. When her first child was born, she was overwhelmed by what she saw as the awesome responsibility of parents, not only in caring for their children’s physical well-being, but also for their spiritual nurturing and growth.

The Mother’s Union was started in Kenya in 1918 by European ladies who had accompanied their husbands when they came as settlers, Government officials or as Church leaders.

When the church was started back then in the year 2004, there were a few members in the Mothers Union hence its presence was not felt. Since we were planning to purchase a plot for the current church and there was need for every members’ full participation, the mothers decided to be making some tea for the Sunday School children and all the members. This worked so well as our children were fed after their class and so their parents were able to take their time after the service in order to do the fund raising without the children bothering them, a project that goes on even today.

Our Vicar then, the late Canon Rev. Johnson Mwangi who by then was the Vicar- in- charge of the larger St . Stephen’s Parish called all the mothers for a meeting and urged those who wished to join the Mothers Union to do so. He had invited the then Diocesan M.U. Co-ordinator to explain to the ladies all about the Mothers Union. Those interested began the training immediately.  On 27th October 2007, the first group of eight  ladies from Holy Trinity were enrolled by the former Bishop of Kajiado Rt. Rev. Jeremiah Tarma at a colorful ceremony held at Christ The King Church.

The Vicar was from there able to form a committee with Mrs Lucy Ndwiga as the first Chairlady, Mrs. Margaret Karuga  as the Secretary and Mrs. Sarah Njiru as the first Treasurer.


With an aim of advancing Christianity in the spheres of marriage and family life, the Mother’s Union has continued to realise this through the following:

  • Members hold conferences, seminars and training sessions, including marriage preparation, in their branches and dioceses; to uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and to promote its wider understanding in the Church.
  • In encouraging parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the church, members hold family life education on parenting and give practical support through visits and material.
  • Members also pray daily through a wave of prayer for fellow members around the world; which helps to maintain a world-wide fellowship of Christians, united in prayer, worships and service.
  • In view of promoting conditions in society, to facilitate a stable family life and for the protection of children; members have continued to participate and pioneer community development programmes. For instance – self-help projects where they share issues affecting them and to a greater extent initiate small-scale projects where they support members financially at the group level.
  • For families already faced with adversity, members offer practical support, counseling and prayers.


This is open to all who have been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity and who declare their support for the aims and objectives of the society.


It is represented in 29 dioceses of the Anglican Church of Kenya. It has a national office which co-ordinates activities for all its members nation-wide. Each diocese has a committee which, with the assistance of the employed worker, is able to reach any potential group.


The M.U. membership has continued to grow to the current number of over a hundred people in the subsequent years.

Mothers Union Parish Committee.

  1. Chair Lady – Mrs. Lucy Ndwiga
  2. Treasurer -Mrs. Sarah Njiru
  3. Secretary – Caroline Okumu

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