Holy Trinity Sunday School

Don’t just cry over a 10 or 20 member church. Sometimes, God gives you your future first. The ones you call little carry in them every possibility you desire of the future. God would send you leaders but they may come as weak men and women first. Don’t be so “gift” conscious that you fail to realize that certain things are results of growth.” -Kingsley Opuwari Manuel


  1. Participated and won in drama Festivals
  2. Successful holidays children Bible studies
  3. Enrollment for boys and girls brigade
  4. Pre-teens forums every 1st Sunday of the month
  5. Attended Mombasa children camp

2020 Plans

  1. To participate in Diocesan activities (drama and brigade)
  2. Engage in capacity building activities like music and drama
  3. Participate in social transformation activities like visiting orphanages and prisons.
  4. Educative trips like Fort Jesus and game parks


Looking for a place to worship or serve?

Welcome to ACK Holy Trinity Church, Kitengela